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Frazier Park, Ca 93225

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Things you may, or may not know about Stosh Jarecki.


As an editor, I have worked in Hollywood since 1980.

I was a staff editor at CBS Local and Network  for 13 years.

In 1994 I became a freelancer and started my documentary career.

I have been editing on AVID software since 1996.


I have strong producing and writing skills.

“The Story” is always my highest priority.

I feel passionately that an editor should collaborate

with the producer/director.


Typical edit session goes something like this…


First, I like to view all the material with the producer if possible,

to get a feel of what was captured.  I like to discuss the attitudes, moods,

information, and overall feeling of the project.

 I feel this is the most important part of the process. 

 I don’t feel it is appropriate for the editor to be just a “Button Pusher.”


Once the editing has begun, there is just one rule… “There are no rules!” 

I believe that anything goes” in the process of learning

what works, and what doesn’t…

As I like to say, “Today’s accident, could be tomorrow’s art.”


I believe that sounds are as important  to the piece

as the pictures are to the story. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words,

then the audio should deliver the same.


I believe that editing should be FUN…

In my own words, “I’d do this for free,

 but I would never tell them that!”


I have won many awards, both locally, and nationally. 


I am available for interviews, editing, directing, writing,

or a good game of chess anytime.







 Born to Drive - Great American Country
Conrad Riggs Productions

The Slice - Comedy Sitcom Pilot
Lone Runner Productions

Parentally Challenged - Lifetime
RelativityReal Productions

Hogs Gone Wild - Discovery Channel
Film Garden Entertainment

Celebrity Rehab 3 - VH1
Irwin Entertainment

Celebrity Rehab presents Sober House - VH1
Irwin Entertainment

Chasing The Sun, PBS Network
2 One hour Specials

The American Experience
PBS Network
"The Duel" Episode

The Great War, PBS Network
8 Part Series, Including Supervising Editor

Intimate Strangers, PBS Network
4 Part Series, Including Supervising Editor

Storytime, PBS Network
10 episodes

Fox Files, Fox Network
Various Segments

Perfect Strangers, PAX Network
2 One Hour Specials

Entertainment Tonight, Syndicated
Various Segments, Freelance

Intimate Portraits, Lifetime Network
"Iman" & "Angelica Houston" episodes

Life & Times, Various segments
KCET- TV, Los Angeles

ScreenPlays, One Hour Special
KCET- TV, Los Angeles

Cowboy U
CMT Network
Triage Entertainment

North Mission Road
Court TV
Vantage Point Productions

Pilot Guides, PBS Network
Northern France
Pilot Productions

China, 2002
PBI Productions, PBS Network

Great Ships
THA Productions, Travel Channel

The Enforcers, Lifetime Cable
44 Blue Productions 1 hour Pilot, Including Supervising Editor

Secrets of Pearl Harbor
Travel Channel
LMNO Productions

Toyota, Lexus Network
Various Educational & Sales Presentations

InStyle Celebrity Moms
NBC Network
Planet Grande Pictures

Halford Resurrection World Tour - Rock in Rio III
DVD Documentary & Concert
Metal God Entertainment

Fight- Into the Pit Boxset
Live in Phoenix
Concert DVD
Metal God Entertainment

Fight-War of Words - The Film
DVD Documentary & Concert
Metal God Entertainment

Halford - Forgotten Generation
Music Video
Metal God Entertainment

Halford - Never Satisfied
Music Video
Metal God Entertainment

Halford - Silent Screams
Music Video
Metal God Entertainment

Halford - In the Morning
Music Video
Metal God Entertainment

Halford - Made in Hell
Music Video
Metal God Entertainment

MTV's The Road Home
MTV Network
"Papa Roach"

National Geographic Television Launch
Weller/Grossman Productions

CBS Network Staff Editor
1988 - 1994
Promos, Movies, Sports, Special Projects

"Two on the Town", KCBS
Magazine Show 1981 - 1988

KHJ TV Los Angeles California
News Editor
News, Sports, Special Features

KTVA TV Anchorage Alaska
Video Tape – Camera – TD
1979 – 1980

National Institute Of Communications – FCC 1st Class License
Indian Valley College 1 year
Graduated Royal High School, Simi Valley Ca - 1974





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